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Page history last edited by Shelly Turner 9 years, 9 months ago

CUR711 - Developmental and Learning Theories


No Child Left Behind Act.pdf


Weeks 1 & 2








Week 3


Educational Theory - Behaviorism.pdf 

Evolution of Students Ideas about Natural Selection through a Constructivist Framework.pdf 

Toward a Pragmatic Discourse of Constructivism-Reflections on lessons from practice.pdf 

Vygotskys philosophy - constructivism and its criticisms examined.pdf 


Week 4


Democratic Education and Social Learning Theory.pdf 

Educational Psychology - Humanism.pdf 

Social cognitive theory goes global.pdf 

What is shared - A framework for understanding shared innovation within communities.pdf 


Week 5


Integrating commercial off-the-shelf video games into school curriculums.pdf 

The Creative Personality.pdf 

Memory development in children - implications for children as witnesses.pdf 


Week 6


Learning to Perform Benjamin Brittens Rejouce in the Lamb.pdf 

Metacognitive Control - Childrens shortterm versus longterm study strategies.pdf 

Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does not Work.pdf 


Week 7


From concepts of motivation to its application instructional design.pdf 

Informed Teachers and Learners.pdf 


Week 8


Beyond Learning Styles - Brain based research and english language learners.pdf 

Sustaining Work - how a brain based approach to coaching.pdf 

The Information-Processing approach to the human mind - Basics and beyond.pdf 

Different Approaches - Common Implications.pdf 



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