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Classroom Rules

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General Classroom Procedures



  • Enter quietly
  • Find your seat quickly
  •  Get out any item needed for class. Store unused items out of the way
  • All bathroom and personal needs should be arranged before the start of the class  



  • Give me and/or your assigned activity your full attention
  • Focus and work dilligently to complete the goals for the day
  • Ask permission before speaking and listen to others when they speak
  • Treat your peers and your teacher the way you wish to be treated 



  • Please clean up your area and put away class materials as directed and return to your seat
  • When dismissed and exiting the room, be efficient in your travels to your next classroom.   


Grading Policy


For each 9 week average:

  • Tests will count as 60% of your grade
  • Classwork/Quizzes will count as 25% of your grade. 
  • Homework and other daily assignments will count as 15% of your grade.


A comprehensive exam will be given in December and May

  • This exam will be a separate grade from your 9 weeks grade & will show on your report card.
  • Exam grades will be averaged in with your 9 weeks grades as one seventh of you final grade.


Absentee Policy


As stated in the handbook:

  • You will have 3 days upon your return from an excused absence to acquire all make-up assignments
  • You will have equal the number of days you were absent from the date of your return to complete the work.
  • All make up work must be complete by the end of each 9 week period.

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